Products by Packaging Type

Filling and sealing in various shapes and forms of packaging, filling and sealing plastic cups and cans, filling and sealing capsules, packaging and bottling, packaging for cans and jars, filling and sealing trays and containers for ready meals, filling and sealing doy pack bags and more.



Products by Machine Type

Packing of dairy products, desserts, mayonnaise, fat, sauces, salads, coffee, tea, ready first and second courses of meat and fish semi-finished beverages, cosmetics, etc. Packing with extended shelf life.


Products by Product Type

Our company produces several types of packaging machinery, Linear high-performance machines with servo drives and full automation of containers and product feeding, rotary machines with servo drives, linear machines with pneumatic drives, rotary machines with mechanical drive, and semi-automatic sealing machine, hand sealers for labs and r&d.


Pack Line Packaging Machinery

Pack Line is a manufacturer of packaging machinery for the food, beverage and cosmetical industries. Our mission is to provide our costumer with products and services that give them the competitive advantage they need through breakthrough technology which simplify and reduce their operation costs and increases line efficiency.

Whether you require a single piece of machinery or complex end to end packaging lines, you can rely on our innovative linear and rotary filling and sealing machines, piston fillers and MAP Systems to increase your productivity, improve operating efficiency and lower operating costs within your facilities.

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